Website Translation: 4 Ways Your Business will Benefit

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With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and digital formats, creating an accessible virtual platform for your business is the key to supporting your customers through their buyer’s journey. The Website Content Accessibility Guide recommends pre-recorded Sign Language interpretation as a high caliber success criterion for Perceivability 1. This criterion of perceivability is due to the common misconception that American Sign Language (ASL) is a direct translation of spoken or written English. On the contrary, ASL is its own language entirely, complete with grammar and a unique structure. Therefore, providing pre-recorded interpretation ensures authentic accessibility and allows those whose primary language is ASL to be fully immersed in online content.  

SLIAO’s versatile services offer an easy solution to this accessibility issue with ASL webpage translation. Webpage translation features an ASL translation (in video format) of your webpage content. The Translator recording remains on screen as the user scrolls through the website and clicks on various tabs, translating the text on each page from written English to ASL. Translation for your website may seem like a complicated and costly task, but in reality possesses all of the following benefits: 


ASL translation services are conducted by a team of professionals, including Deaf Translators and coaches, qualified Interpreters, videographers and editors. SLIAO’s standard of practice for reliable translation includes a team of Deaf Translators and message equivalency interpreters who work off screen to ensure the message is equivalent between the source and target language. Deaf Translators are used for website translation, rather than Interpreters. This is done intentionally so that the translated message is an authentic translation from written English into the Deaf individual’s native ASL. 

2. Economic

One of the greatest benefits of website translation is its economic value. Once website content has been translated and formatted onto a company’s digital platform, it will be available at any time. Translations are a one-time investment that will produce long-term accessibility and eliminate the need for single use interpretation. Our translation team will work with you through the logistics and cost breakdowns of your unique translation needs. This long-term tool proves to be an economical method that will make website content accessible 24/7.  

3. High Quality

The technical aspects of webpage translation are handled by a team of highly skilled videographers. Their purpose is to create a seamless experience for Deaf users. This is executed through several technical features. For example, as a user clicks through various tabs of your webpage, the Interpreter will reappear at the top, and begin translating from the beginning of the new page. 

4. Efficient 

ASL webpage translation will create a smoother experience for your Deaf consumers. They will be more likely to interact and engage with your services, as they are able to fully understand your digital content. Translation as a feature for your webpage will eliminate the need for a lengthy consumer conversion process, and attract and engage Deaf individuals from their first point of contact with your company, creating lifelong and loyal customers. 

To see website translation in action, or to schedule a meeting with SLIAO’s translation team, or learn more about our unique services, click here



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