Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a service that uses a sign language interpreter to facilitate communication between a Deaf and hearing person via video using a smartphone, tablet or computer with webcam. Using spoken language, the sign language interpreter conveys what the Deaf customer is communicating through sign language to the hearing person and vice versa.

With SLIAO, accessing quality VRI is easy. SLIAO has its own VRI service with two ways of access: by appointment or on-demand. Both ways use smartphones, tablet, computer with webcam or laptops to provide interpreting services offsite. Both connect people and foster meaningful connections.

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On-Demand Interpreting

With on-demand interpreting, there’s no appointment necessary. Reach an interpreter within minutes from your smartphone, tablet or computer using a high-speed internet connection. Current service is between 8am EST to 8pm EST Monday to Friday with subscription.


Interpreting by Appointment

Interpreting by appointment allows you to schedule an interpreter in advance. Appointments are available anytime, 7 days a week. Once booked, appointments are guaranteed. Save on travel, time and expenses associated with bringing the interpreter to your meeting location.

Contact SLIAO for more information about VRI for professional and personal use.

VRI in action

Service Example 1

A Deaf employee of an investment company has regular stand-up meetings each morning for ten minutes to discuss the team’s objectives. The Deaf employee participates using their computer and webcam to connect and a Video Interpreter relays the meeting discussion using SLIAO VRI.

Service Example 2

A person who uses sign language is picking up a prescription for their child’s strep throat. The pharmacist communicates in spoken word, so they use SLIAO VRI on their computer or iPad to provide the pick-up information and understand the proper dosage requirements.

Service Example 3

A grade three teacher is conducting a parent-teacher interview with a parent who uses sign language. The teacher uses SLIAO VRI on their tablet to seamlessly connect with an interpreter and share their student’s love of math with their parent.

SLIAO VRI – Videos 

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