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Who is SLIAO?

SLIAO is a leading expert in sign language interpreting services. We work with the Deaf community to ensure they have access to all the services and information they need and want. SLIAO is proud to bring Canadians together and create greater opportunities to engage and connect.

We’re experts in connecting people with reliable, high-quality interpreting services that empower businesses, organizations and individuals to share ideas and unleash possibilities. With flexible work arrangements from all over the country, SLIAO interpreters have access to more mentorship and training opportunities than any other interpreting association in Canada.

Why work with us?


With flexible hours you can
work from anywhere


Work with Canada’s leading
ASL/LSQ interpreters


Boost professional development in an environment and culture of innovation

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Help contribute to our diverse
interpreting services


Learn more about our services and how we can empower communication by visiting our Services page.

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