How can pharmacies best utilize Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to ensure effective communication with Deaf patients?


A visit to the pharmacy is something most individuals take for granted.  For a Deaf person, not being able to have a conversation or ask the pharmacist a question in their first language about their medicine or medical condition is huge obstacle to understanding and taking their medications correctly.

Clear communication in a pharmacy setting is critical to ensure effective communication and patient safety is achieved.

SLIAO Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is here to help.

We know that pharmacists want to support each and every customer.

Using SLIAO VRI allows the pharmacist and Deaf patient to connect to a professional sign language interpreter and create an opportunity for a private conversation so that both the deaf person and pharmacist can communicate and the Deaf person can be actively involved regarding decisions about their care.  Together with the pharmacist, the desired outcomes of their drug treatment can be established.  In addition, follow-up consultations and decisions made at previous visits can be monitored each time the patient makes a visit.

Implementing VRI at pharmacy locations, enables you to:

  • Provide immediate access to your Deaf customer to a sign language interpreter in real-time
  • Improve patient safety and communication
  • Showcase your businesses commitment to superior customer service and become a leader in the business community for providing accessible communication

Easy Set-up.  No Wait times. Professional Service.

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