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Who We Are

We are interpreters. We are Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals.  We are children of Deaf adults. We are experts and professionals, but most of all, we are people. We share a common language so that connections can be made and ideas can be exchanged. Our team offers reliable, high quality interpreting services for both professional and personal needs.


SLIAO’s services are consistent in quality and are accessible nationwide. We are committed to full reliability and respect so every customer feels valued. Work with SLIAO and get the full benefit of our innovative interpreting services and team of caring, professional interpreters.


Interpreters at SLIAO are leaders and experts. As members of the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters, our knowledge, expertise and  professionalism is measured by the national standard. No matter the circumstance, SLIAO has interpreters ready.

One Stop Shop

Regardless of your interpreting needs, SLIAO can provide the appropriate service. Leveraging the latest in technology and our team of experts, there’s no need to look elsewhere for interpreting. SLIAO provides the right interpreting service for any situation.


Learn more about our services and how we can empower communication by visiting our Services page.

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