BYA Finalist – Roxanne Whiting

 In News
Last evening, CTV news announced the winners of the Businesswoman of the year awards. SLIAO worked with CTV News Ottawa to provide the ASL Interpreter. (
As many of you know, our very own Roxanne Whiting was one of the finalists in the Established Entrepreneur category. Although Roxanne was not selected as the recipient of the prestigious award, she is a winner in our eyes and we are very proud of this accomplishment! Out of the 240 women who were nominated, Roxanne was selected as one of the top three finalists in her category.
We are committed to serving our community of interpreters and the Deaf community. This story shows the importance and ease of providing accessibility with our services. Being nominated is not only a personal achievement for Roxanne, but one for our whole team. We are proud to celebrate this milestone together with Roxanne, SLIAO and our community.


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