Judy SettleDirector of Community Development

    Judy was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from Carleton University, Ottawa in 1974. She was granted the AVLIC C.O.I. (Certificate of Interpretation) in 1990. She is  Director of Community Development at Sign Language Interpreting Associates Ottawa Inc. (SLIAO).

    Judy is a founding member of OASLI and SLINC, and has been an Active member of AVLIC since it was established. She was the first staff interpreter hired by the Ottawa CHS office in 1978. Judy completed the “National Interpreter Training Consortium” interpreter training program at New York University, U.S.A. in 1980. She has a life-long commitment to pursuing professional development opportunities for herself and for sharing these opportunities with colleagues.

    Judy has been a full-time ASL-English interpreter since 1980. She has worked for clients in a wide variety of circumstances including government, unions, business, community, medical, mental health, and post-secondary. She has been an accredited ASL-English interpreter for the federal government Translation Bureau since that service began.

    As a director of SLIAO, Judy is responsible for new client development. She assists organizations who are new to Sign Language interpreting by informing them of their accessibility obligations and consulting with them about options for securing funding to pay for the service. She negotiates first-time requests for in-person/on-site interpreting – ranging from individual appointments to multi-day national conferences. She assists established and new clients who require interpreting services for conferences and conventions by working closely with them to schedule interpreters and make the necessary logistical arrangements to successfully deliver the services needed.

    In 2008, Judy established a web presence for SLIAO and now manages SLIAO’s social media, sharing interpreting related information with the Deaf, hearing and interpreting communities.

    Judy was Project Lead for the 2011 English-ASL and French-LSQ “Elections Ontario” video translation project for the web. This project established that working with Deaf translators and Deaf on-screen talent would become SLIAO’s standard practice for video translation. Judy is a strong advocate and supporter of the use of Deaf Interpreters and has been instrumental in their incorporation into the SLIAO business model.

    Originally from Belleville, home of the oldest residential school for Deaf children in Ontario, Judy grew up with the presence of Deaf children in her community at a time when the school system dictated the “oral” method, did not permit Sign Language, and held that it was not possible for hearing people to learn Sign Language. Witnessing this prejudice led Judy to become a committed advocate of the language rights of Deaf children and adults.

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