Christine WilsonDirector, Chairperson of the Board

    Christine is an ASL/English interpreter. A registered nurse by profession (no longer active), she worked with individuals with special needs and established a non-profit organization in 1979 to provide group homes for multi-handicapped Deaf individuals. She was on their Board until 2015. Christine is involved in establishing culturally specific Long Term Care for the Deaf and is the co-lead of the Deaf Palliative Care Team. She has been an active participant on many Boards, Committees and Organizations.  Christine’s parents were Deaf. She was a founding member of SLINC (Sign Language Interpreters of the National Capital) OASLI (Ontario Assoc. of Sign Language Interpreters and AVLIC (Association of Visual Interpreters of Canada)  and served on AVLIC’s first Board. Christine is also a founder and Director of SLIAO (Sign Language Interpreting Associates Ottawa INC) and currently Chairperson of the Board of Directors. She is accredited as an interpreter for PWGSC and the Ministry of the Attorney General. Christine was first paid for interpreting 50 years ago in a courtroom setting and it became her full time profession in 1980, before the advent of Interpreter Training programs. She started the Algonquin College program of sign language courses in the late 1970s and involved Deaf people in the teaching, eventually ensuring that all teachers were Deaf. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s she ran programs for Deaf children to teach sign language in educational and fun environments and was involved in several international camps for Deaf children from many countries.

    For more than 10 years, Christine was the ASL interpreter on CPAC’s telecast of the federal Parliament’s daily Question Period. She was also one of the first ASL interpreters on assignment in Ottawa with the Translation Bureau, more than thirty-five years ago.

    Christine has been involved in many volunteer activities throughout her life, often serving on committees and fulfilling executive roles.

    In 1987 Christine was honoured as Ottawa’s Citizen of the Year and in 2012 she received the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship (O.M.C.) and a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

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