Empowering understanding by facilitating meaningful connections

SLIAO has been in Ottawa for 20 years empowering communication between the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and those they want to connect with and understand. SLIAO strives to adapt new technologies as they become available to enable full access for all members of our community.

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In-person on Site Interpreting

Over the last 20 years SLIAO has developed a unique expertise for specific circumstances and requirements to empower accurate, efficient connections and facilitate the transfer of information.

SLIAO offers expertise for in-person, live interpreting for Conferences, Court Proceedings, Federal Government Services, Hospitals, Community Services and Academic sectors.


Video Interpreting

SLIAO has been providing ASL-English interpreting in Ottawa since 1997. In 2014 we developed a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service – SWIFT. This video conferencing service uses smartphones, lap tops and other electronic device to provide interpreting services remotely when on-site interpreting is not available.

In 2016 SLIAO was awarded a contract by the Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV) Inc (www.cav-acs.ca) to provide VRS interpreting for the start up of VRS in Canada. This accomplishment provides a Canada wide service for the Deaf , which is the functional equivalent to telephone usage by hearing Canadians. This will eventually lead to 24/7 coverage by SLIAO Video Interpreters in our newly established call centre in Ottawa.

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