Specialized Interpreters for Every Situation

SLIAO offers expert interpreters for every situation where information must be conveyed accurately.

Our professional interpreters can provide additional expertise for special circumstances that require specific interpretation expertise.



SLIAO can coordinate an interpreting team for your organization’s local, provincial or national conference.



SLIAO provides Ministry of the Attorney General accredited interpreters for court matters. Deaf Interpreters (DIs) are often members of the team.


Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Services

SLIAO provides interpreters who have experience in the public sector environment ranging from applying for and renewing your health card, driver’s license, passport, or dealing with CRA or other government offices.


Health Care

SLIAO can provide interpreters in medical settings such as community health centres, hospital appointments, medical appointments and health education classes.



SLIAO coordinates interpreting teams for Deaf students attending post secondary institutions, including weekly classes, group study sessions and one-on-one meetings with teachers.



SLIAO provides interpreting for community organizations – meetings, courses, recreation, training and events.


Deaf Interpreters (DIs)

SLIAO provides interpreting expertise through Deaf Interpreters (DIs) for specific purposes such as teaming with ASL interpreters for court proceedings, or interpreting for immigrants using languages such as Nepalese sign language.


Video Interpreting

SLIAO provides two types of Video Interpreting:

  • Remote Video Interpreting is a conferencing service using smartphones, lap tops and other electronic devices to provide interpreting services remotely when on-site interpreting is not available.
  • VRS is a video interpreting service connecting 2 people in different locations where one is using sign language and the second is using voice. The call is relayed by a Video Interpreter in our call centre.


SLIAO has expertise in Translation between ASL and English for things such as documents and announcements. Announcements can also be translated into LSQ.

  • If a document is submitted in ASL, a spoken language interpretation or written text translation is prepared.
  • If an announcement is being made in a spoken language, a translation into ASL or LSQ can be produced. These translations are done by Deaf Interpreters (DIs).

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